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Green world concept 

Sustainable Solutions, Inc.

Hunkins Waterfront Plaza, Suite 556, Main Street

Charlestown, Nevis

Principal Contact: P. Farber

Email: info@sustainablesolutionsincorporated.com




  • The mission of Sustainable Solutions Incorporated is to support socially responsible development projects in the following areas:
    • Sustenance (Food, Water, Health and Medical Delivery, Education, Agriculture)
    • Infrastructure (Transportation, Communications, Energy Delivery, Waste)
    • Energy (Traditional and Renewable)
    • Commodities (Forestry, Mining, Precious Metals and Minerals)



SSI is a Consulting firm. Our primary focus is on consulting with our clients to develop and support Sustainability.  We will assist in developing a plan and or individual projects that meet this goal.  We are also interested in “shovel-ready” projects with all permitting and relevant purchase agreements in place. We consider projects internationally in the pre-construction phase. SSI works with partners with experienced management teams operating proven technologies. We help to arrange funding or investment in long-lived cash generating assets in underserved and established markets. Projects are considered on their individual character, rather than set criteria however, they all must meet certain Socially Responsible criteria in that they include components to permanently improve the conditions and environment of the people immediately surrounding the project and that the project’s benefits serve the greater population during construction and operation.


Investments are generally structured either as straight construction financing or self-amortizing debt with equity options to create potential upside.  PPA financing may be considered as well if the project meets the required criteria.  Our funders require regular monitoring of finances and operations; have frequent interaction with the management teams, an on-site presence and careful monitoring to track performance relative to our expectations.



3D Electric powerlines over sunrise

3D Electric powerlines over sunrise