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Solid Waste & Bio-solids Solutions


Breathe easy… No more landfill or incineration. IET’s Waste Gasification / Thermal Oxidation of organics and man-made materials is here.

 Applied process creates a new class of technology:

Oxygen Starved Waste Gasification / Thermal Oxidation (WG/TO) sets new standards for health and safety – USEPA test comparisons prove

  • IET reduces waste to base elements of hydrogen, nitrogen and salts
  • No water or liquids employed in Process
  • Slow 8-12 hr. reduction in a pre-charged cell. All hydrocarbons and organics are reduced back to a natural state
  • Proactive process control versus reactive control of other temperature systems, or landfill
  • Flexible energy recovery

No Incineration 

Elemental reduction technology is not an incineration or combustion process due to the lack of oxygen present at the time of conversion, and because of the elongated reduction process.

Thermal Waste Gasification Technology

  • Reverts any man made or organic waste product back to its natural state: inert ash or breathable air.
  • Converts heterogeneous (mixed), hydrocarbon waste materials first into a BTU-rich gaseous fuel; in effect gasifying man made products, or organics.
  • Emissions are captured and used as a non-fossil fuel source for various “on site” processes such as renewable energy production, providing an additional source of revenue to the community as well as contributing to the need for renewable energy production.
  • Resultant ash (1.5%) and salts are inert and 100% recyclable.
  • All recyclables are 100% recovered and put back into the “zero waste” product stream for reuse.
  • The system is quiet and virtually emission free.

IET Unique Process

  • Small Land Requirements (less than 1% of landfill area)
  • No obnoxious odors that landfill generates
  • Families can open their windows and breath
  • No significant maintenance required
  • Exothermic Process: Low supplemental energy required
  • No highly trained operators required
  • Very low daily operating costs
  • Supported by the U.S. Department of Energy
  • Full scale demonstration facility

Competitive Advantages

  •  98.5% average waste volume reduction
  • Scalability (modular cells: 2 to 2500 ton systems)
  • No sorting or other interventions required
  • Unload into system and gasification takes care of the rest
  • 100% recovery of aluminum, metal, glass
  • Small amount of Landfill required as part of process
  • Very low material handling
  • Average installation time: 4 to 6 Months, depending on size
  • Commercial operation for over 8 years